Learn what it takes to build a simple electric motor

An electric motor classified as simple is nothing more than a machine that is able to transform the electrical energy that is supplied by the electric utility into mechanical energy.

The simple electric motor operating mode occurs through the repulsion that exists between the two magnets, where a magnet is natural and the other is not a natural magnet but an electromagnet.

The use of non-natural magnets of the electric motor popular baldors is something convenient, because it is always possible to carry out the inversion of the magnetic poles, by performing the reversal of the direction of the electric current.

A simple electric motor can be constituted by: a wooden base on which a stack which is the energy source is supported, plus a natural magnet stuck on it. Moreover, it takes two rods with thread and on each side there will be another cell with negative and positive pole and to complete the simple electric motor, just have a loop with a thread.

Mount electric motor

The electric motor of the assembly process requires attention and should be done by a specialist in this matter. Mount this engine can be a much simpler process, who is working in this segment just have to know the specific details for mounting to avoid mistakes or failures.

Riding a motor is simple and you just have to follow the instructions given. The motor must be securely mounted in the segment or product where it will perform the transformation of electrical energy into mechanical energy, otherwise it can not play its leading role. Important to this process done right in order to avoid future errors.


Look for research and study the right methods to assemble the type of electric motor that you bought. The simpler the engine, the easier its installation, so be sure to have knowledge of it. There are many professionals in this matter, it will be interesting to follow.

Understand what is the power factor

Understand what is the power factor and how utilities can charge more in the operation of the electric motor

The power factor is the ratio that is made between the apparent power absorbed by the electric motor and the active power. The power factor is an important feature because dealers tend to charge a surcharge on the power supply.

Thus, the electric motor having high power factor has decreased costs by scaling correction facilities and also power factor.


It is important to be careful in the choice and selection of the electric motor as the electric induction motor will vary with the load receiving and that means that when the electric motor is oversized or operating with a load far below what is considered normal the result will be a contribution means that the low value of the electric motor installation of power factor.

Electric motor, which is

The electric motor is a machine, like any machine it has an important function. In case he is responsible for the transformation of electrical energy into mechanical energy. An engine that grew up in the industry, but that is now present in various other segments.


The two major types, which are the most used are the simple motors and other AC. Of course we have other variations, mainly because we have mentioned how this engine is present in different end applications. There are so many things that make the engine use to operate, which most people are unaware.

The industry was one of the first beneficiaries of the rise of the electric motor, but over time its growth could cover other areas where it could prove very important as well. Today the engine is growing, you will find it even in vehicles and various other segments.

Electronic board installed incorrectly may cause the electric motor gate incinerate

Many believe that the electric lock is a safety device, but it is not. The electric lock works by sending an electrical pulse to the electric motor when the electric motor is operated and it causes the electric lock is disarmed and so the gate cycle starts.

The owners gates have locks, never bother to repair the piston is clean and lubricated and if not, this will prevent the gate operates regularly. The gate electric motor is easily damaged when making excessive force.

The electric motor suffers when the plunger is locked because the electric motor will be forced to the maximum so that it opens and this can cause problems when electric gate motor.

The electronic nameplate of the electric magpowr lock can also result in problems for the electric motor, for the operation of the board is driven with the electric motor and when the lock is activated for a long time or if it is connected in parallel with the electric motor, the motor electric can burn.

Learn more about the variables losses that the electric motor suffers

The electric motor has an electric power at its input and it is responsible for making the electrical energy is converted into mechanical output power. If the electric motor was able to transform efficiently the power output power input certainly the transformation would be 100%.

However, as in any system in which energy transformation occurs, the electric motor is no different and it is common that losses occur and the electric motor efficiency will be fully dependent on the control of internal losses that are classified into fixed and variable loss.

Losses variables are called losses in the stator circuit or losses on copper losses in the rotor circuit or Joule losses and additional losses.

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The losses in the stator circuit or losses in copper are caused by Joule effect, which is nothing more than heating where there is circulation of current in the stator winding conductors.

Already losses in the rotor circuit are also losses motivated by Joule effect and they occur in the rotor cage, and are dependent on the load, Cage conductor material, the cross section and also the length of the bars.